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  • SHOCKtec® Air2Gel Lightweight Impact Protection


    SHOCKtec Air2Gel comes in 24″x 60″ Full Roll (10 sq. ft), & 12″x 60″ 1/2 Roll (5 sq. ft). All prices are suggested retail. Call for pricing on orders over 100 Sq. ft.

    SHOCKtec Air2Gel is for HIGH impact and MAXIMUM protection and is extremely lightweight.

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    SHOCKtec® Gel Maximum Impact Protection


    SHOCKtec Gel comes in 18″ x 72″ Full Roll (9 sq. ft), & 18″ x 36″ 1/2 Roll (4.5 sq. ft). Call for pricing on orders over 100 Sq. ft.

    SHOCKtec Gel is for MAXIMUM impact and MAXIMUM protection with the look and feel of a gel.

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    Made from extra thick 3/8″ SHOCKtec Gel (Standard 12″ x 18″, Large 15″ x 18″) padding that diminishes the effects of vibration. Never fully compresses. Absorbs shock & evenly spreads driver’s weight over the entire surface of the seat. Relieves lower back pain & minimizes tailbone & hemorrhoid discomfort. You can custom cut it to fit your seat. Or you can order roll or sheet material and customize your whole seat yourself!

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