Custom orders

SHOCKtec Ultimate Flexibility for Custom Orders

SHOCKtec Air2Gel and Gel can be custom ordered to meet virtually whatever your protection needs.

  • We can customize the density to meet whatever your impact protection needs from seating to heavy equipment gaskets.
  • We can provide you with different backings of your choice (polyester, polyurethane, peel & stick, Kevlar, etc.) or a material you provide. We can adhere to virtually any material.
  • We can custom cut special lengths or die cut to meet your specifications.
  • Can be produced on most non-porous material, including Kevlar
  • Can be produced with various adhesives, peel & stick
  • Manufactured in custom thickness
  • Manufactured in custom density or durometer
  • Manufactured in custom colors
  • Available with Flame Retardant
Contact us for pricing on large quantity orders.


Perfect for car, truck, industrial, home, office, garden equipment. Made with SHOCKtec Gel and SHOCKtec Air2Gel padding that diminishes the effects of vibration. Never fully compresses. Absorbs shock & evenly spreads driver's weight over the entire surface of the seat. Relieves lower back pain & minimizes tailbone & hemorrhoid discomfort. Washable removable twill cover w/non-slip bottom.

AVAILABLE on Large Orders, call for pricing


Made with a SHOCKtec Air2Gel pad insert. Has a convenient carrying handle. Perfect for sporting events, meetings. Washable removable twill cover can be customized for fan clubs, companies, etc.

AVAILABLE on Large Orders, call for pricing


Made from SHOCKtec Air2Gel Used by many companies instead of floor mats at work stations!
• Reduces pain from corns & calluses • Relieves pain & stress on joints • Distributes weight evenly • Helps relieve lower back & knee pain • Contains NO latex or silicon - will not harden • Tensile memory - never fully compresses • Used by doctors & healthcare professionals worldwide.

AVAILABLE on Large Orders, call for pricing

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