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Independent testing has been done by the following groups:

  • Florida State University (Blunt Force Trauma testing for the US Armed Forces) - contact us for full test results.
  • Michigan State University
  • Snell Memorial Foundation (nations leading independent impact testing authority)
  • General Motors
  • SHOCKtec vs Leading Open Cell Commercial Padding - White Paper
  • SHOCKtec GASKET White Paper

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    • SHOCKtec® vs. Leading Open Cell Commercial Padding
    • SHOCKtec® Air2Gel HD for Gasket Applications
    • ACH Helmet Pad Kit Comparison data

A comparison of Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD, HD FR and the Leading Padding , based upon readily available literature data, has been completed. The table above lists relevant data for these two materials. Based upon this data, the following conclusion can be drawn.

Density of the two materials is essentially identical and helps to insure that the comparisons being made are with comparable materials.

Compression Set in Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD is less than half of that exhibited by the Leading Padding material, indicating an improved ability to withstand repeated compressive forces.

The Tear Strength of Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR is more than three times that of the Leading Padding , making Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR superior in situations where the material needs to give rather than rip. This Tear Strength can be coupled with the lower % Elongation to demonstrate that Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR won’t tear AND won’t stretch to the point where the material becomes ineffective for its intended purpose. In other words, Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR won’t disappear from underneath you.

Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR exhibits nearly twice the Tensile Strength of the Leading Padding . Once again, durability is a necessity for this type of material, and the Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR outperforms the Leading Padding .

Hardness, Compression Force Deflection, and Impact Absorption need to be considered together in order to understand the comparison. The Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR shows a higher Hardness value and a higher Compression Force Deflection, suggesting the material is "hard" and might not be as good. In reality, the Hardness and Compression Force Deflection being higher leads to a firm material, which also is capable of significant Impact Absorption. In fact, the Impact Absorption of Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR are more than twice that of the Leading Padding. Impact Absorption is measured in g’s, and the lower the value the better.

In all areas, the Kemmler SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD and HD FR have been shown to outperform the Leading Padding .

SHOCKtec is a registered trademarks of Kemmler Products Inc.

SHOCKtec Air2Gel is manufactured by Kemmler Products Inc. www.shocktec.com

A gasket is simply a deformable material that prevents passage of matter through or across a joint when clamped between stationary members. That may sound like a simple task, but there are a number of criteria which must be addressed. Joint design, gasket design, temperature, pressure, media compatibility, permeability, sealing forces, cutting and forming properties, and cyclic requirements are all factors for consideration.

With all of these factors to consider, testing in specific applications is always warranted. However, certain materials aspects can be evaluated to begin the selection process.

Compression Force Deflection is often used to evaluate a material for gasket use. This value represents the force required to compress the material to a particular amount, often 50%. If the CFD is too low, the material will “squish” but provide little force back into the assembly and hence a potential leak. If the CFD is too high, the assembly must be tightened to higher torque values to achieve sufficient compression, which may require stronger fasteners. SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD exhibits a Compression Force Deflection of ~9 psi, which is higher than many competitors, while not requiring excessive forces on the fastener.

Compression Set is a second criterion to consider. The lower the compression set, the less the gasket “gives up”. At <2% compression set, SHOCKtec® Air2Gel HD retains more of the initial material properties than its competitors. This low compression set also makes SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD ideal for gasket situations that must be broken and remade.

Tensile strength is a measure of durability for gasket materials. SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD has a higher tensile strength than the competition making SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD a better choice for critical applications.

Most gasket applications require the material to be formed or cut into a specific shape. With a tear strength of 10, SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD outperforms the competitors. This makes gasket cutting and installation significantly easier.

SHOCKtec Air2Gel HD can outperform traditional gasket materials. Give us your application.

SHOCKtec is a registered trademarks of Kemmler Products Inc.

SHOCKtec Air2Gel is manufactured by Kemmler Products Inc. www.shocktec.com

SHOCKtec® Gel and SHOCKtec® Air2Gel products are not like any gel you have seen before...

They are actually hybrid polyurethane elastomers(viscoelastic dry polymers). SHOCKtec® Air2Gel is the only Air-Frothed Elastomer Gel in the world. These unique materials have few, if any equals with respect to impact protection, comfort, durability and shock absorption.

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